Narrative Reel

A collection of scenes and clips from various film projects, all directed by Matthew T. Price.

Other Halves

A feature film about a team of programmers who create a new kind of dating app-- one that uses your online history to find a romantic match. Unfortunately, the app has some unforeseen side effects on the user, causing them to lose all control. The programmers consider shutting the app down, but...

Evil is profitable.

Other Halves is streaming now on Google Play & Amazon Video.


Spring Break on Titan

(An in-development sci-fi feature.) On the return trip from a vacation on the moon of Titan, tensions rise between the wealthy kids who(se parents) own the space ship, and servants who actually run it. Even worse, there's a stowaway on board, slowly taking down the passengers one by one. Will they be able to reconcile their differences and defeat the alien before landing home?

The Wilderness

(An in-development horror feature.) Evil Dead meets Rashômon. A group of college grads go for one last camping trip before entering the real world. But there are others in the woods, watching them with evil intent. As the movie unfolds, we see the story from different perspectives, and learn who truly is a villain.

We Need to Talk

A webseries about a guy who wakes to find a strange woman in his bed and an old college roommate in his kitchen. As they try to piece together what happened the night before, his girlfriend calls, and she wants to talk...

Asleep with the Angels

A short noir film about a secret agent who, after losing his lover and partner on the same night, drops out of the espionage game. But when his old boss shows up with links to a familiar enemy, he has to get back to work.

M is for Movie

A short horror film shot for the ABCs of Death 2. An editor finds an unusual character in a project she's cutting. Who could it be?

Palpatine / Vader 2012

A parodic presidential campaign, featuring emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.


Short, abstract films shot around Los Angeles.

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