Writer, Director, All-Around Nice Guy


Matthew T. Price grew up in Michigan, studied cinema at USC. He met his future wife in Maine, as you would probably assume. He followed her to her home country of New Zealand, and somehow he convinced her to return to America and marry him, despite having no job prospects and a useless film degree.

On the set of Other Halves.

Matthew has worked in television for ten years, while shooting short films on the side. He made his first feature film, Other Halves, and first daughter, Amelia, in the same year. The movie's pretty good, but he's even more proud of his daughter, who already knows the alphabet.

Imagine Impact

Matthew was part of the inaugural class of creators at Imagine Impact, a writing accelerator designed by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Over 4,000 writers applied, and only 22 projects were selected. Matthew was paired with mentor, Saladin Patterson, who helped shape and develop his script, Exchange Students.

Other Halves

Other Halves is the story of a team of programmers who create a new kind of dating app. Instead of having you fill out a form about your likes and dislikes, the app examines your internet history to pair you with someone similar.

Unfortunately, the app has some unforeseen side-effects. Users lose all self-control, becoming violent, lascivious, evil. The team considers shutting it down, but... evil is profitable.

Other Halves was filmed in the heart of San Francisco, on location at a real start-up. Writer/director Matthew Price and writer/producer Kelly Morr have many close ties to the tech community, who advised them on programming jargon for the characters. They were assured that an app like Other Halves could, indeed, exist. It probably won’t make you evil, though.

Short Form Content

Comedy and horror have a close relationship, which is why Matthew has dabbled in both.

We Need to Talk

We Need to Talk is a short webseries co-written and directed by Matthew. It stars Miranda Parham (who also co-wrote and produced), Carson NicelyGabe Greenspan, and Elizabeth Peterson

Original Teaser Trailers

Matthew shot original trailers for stage productions at the Little Fish Theatre, as well as for his own feature film, Other Halves. Filmed on a shoestring budget, these teasers created buzz for smaller shows that otherwise might not have a way to reach out to their potential audience.

Fractal Vision

Fractal Vision was a series of short film that were designed to be scary, creepy, or just downright weird. They were produced with the help of a group of young, talented filmmakers with no budget but a big passion for movies.

Asleep with the Angels

Matthew's very first short film!

It's very long, but if you stick with it, it's... well, it's very long.

It was shot over 3 weekends, including his birthday weekend. Matthew's wife made cupcakes for everyone.