Well, you do!

We live in an increasingly multimedia world. Text is no longer the only way to tell potential clients about your product. It may not even be the best way, if your service is visual and active.

Why choose Little Toy Boat?

We don't just make explainer videos. Anyone can do that. At Little Toy Boat, we tell a story. Your story.

Promoting your business is not just about telling people what you do. It's how you do it, and why. Our videos will showcase your personality. Small businesses, especially sole proprietorships, are as much about relationships with your customers as servicing them.

That begins by telling your story.

After graduating from USC's film school, our director gained over 10 years of film industry experience before creating Little Toy Boat.
You need more than just lights and cameras to get to the action. You'll want mics, booms, sound recorders, dollies, jibs, editing bays, mixing software and more... and we have it!
You don't need someone who will not only make a great video, but execute your vision for the product as if it were their own. You'll find both at Little Toy Boat.

Our Productions

Here are just a few of the videos we've created for our clients.

Let's Get Started!

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